Semi-trucks are necessary in today’s economy. Indeed, these large trucks carry goods back and forth across the country on the nation’s highways. Most of the time, these trucks are operating on wide roads with high speed limits. However, as truck drivers approach their destination, they are usually required to operate their fully loaded trucks on city streets that are much narrower, slower, and tighter. This can present a challenge to even experienced Alabama truck drivers.Notwithstanding the challenge, semi-truck drivers are responsible to operate their rigs in a safe and responsible manner at all times. This means on all types of roads and in all types of weather conditions. When a truck driver’s negligence results in an Alabama truck accident, anyone injured in the accident can pursue compensation for their injuries through an Alabama personal injury lawsuit.

Proving an Alabama Truck Accident Claim

In order for a plaintiff to successfully bring an Alabama truck accident case, they will need to establish that the truck driver’s negligence resulted in the accident that caused their injuries. While this sounds simple in theory, there can be many roadblocks that arise along the way.

For example, a truck driver may attempt to show that the victim was partially at fault for the accident, potentially defeating a plaintiff’s claim altogether. This is because Alabama courts apply the strict legal doctrine of contributory negligence when it comes to determining which plaintiffs can recover damages for their injuries. Under a contributory negligence analysis, only plaintiffs who are completely free of fault are eligible for compensation. Thus, the assistance of a dedicated Alabama personal injury attorney is highly recommended.

Bus Crashes into Alabama School Bus, Injuring Three Students

Earlier this month, an Alabama auto accident between a semi-truck and a school bus with 17 students aboard sent three students to the hospital. According to a local news report, the school bus was heading south on U.S. 43. The bus had stopped and was waiting for a student to board when a semi-truck side-swiped the bus.

The semi-truck was not traveling too fast, and most of the students on board the bus did not report any injuries. However, three students, including the student who was boarding the bus at the time of the collision, were taken to the hospital so that they could be checked out. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

The accident remains under investigation, and there is no indication that the semi-truck driver was arrested or otherwise cited for his role in causing the bus accident.

Have You Been Injured in an Alabama Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in an Alabama truck accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. However, there are a number of defenses that you should be prepared to confront, including a defendant attempting to shift the blame for the accident onto you. Attorney Greg Reeves at the Reeves Law Firm has extensive experience handling a wide range of Alabama personal injury cases, including truck accident cases. Call 256-355-3311 to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Reeves today.