New highways offer the promise of faster commutes and safer roads, but they can also create dangers when the construction takes a long time. Also, government officials who are in charge of designing new roadways don’t always make the best choices about the safest way to construct a new highway. If you were hurt in a car accident involving road construction or an unsafe road design, you may be entitled to compensation. Our compassionate and experienced team of Alabama personal injury lawyers are waiting to answer your questions and to help you protect your rights.

Recently, the Alabama Department of Transportation made announcements about the widening of I-565 in Huntsville stating that it will be widened to three lanes. In order to do this, DOT will pave over the 14-foot shoulder. This means that some of the new lanes may only be 12-feet wide. DOT insists that it will still be safe, but without a sufficient shoulder for people who are having car trouble or who need to pull over, it could lead to more accidents.

There are also many bridges on this section of highway. DOT said that some of the lanes on these bridges may be as narrow as 11-feet with a small shoulder area. Although the bridges are roughly 200 to 250 feet long, DOT said that driving at 75 mph people won’t be on the bridges that long. This seems like a potentially dangerous solution considering that a lot can go wrong in a few seconds when traveling at that high rate of speed.

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It’s hard to get by in today’s world without a vehicle of some sort. We rely on them to get us to and from work, to pick up our children, and to handle our weekly errands. When car makers fail to design cars in a safe way, however, it puts all of us at risk of getting hurt. There are many different rules that car makers have to follow to make sure that cars are as safe as they can be, but sometimes the companies don’t follow the rules. They also fail to perform the right tests on cars in other cases, which means they don’t know whether the car will be safe on the road, especially in bad weather, heavy traffic, or rough road conditions.

In February, a jury in Alabama issued a verdict in favor of a plaintiff who was injured in a rollover accident in an SUV in 2015. The plaintiff was a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the crash. The driver swerved to avoid hitting an animal that was in the road and the driver lost control of the vehicle. The SUV rolled two times before it landed on the side of the road.

As a result of the accident, the plaintiff was paralyzed and now requires constant help with daily tasks like dressing, bathing, and eating. The defendant in the case was the company that designed, manufactured, and sold the SUV. The jury awarded the plaintiff $51,791,000 million in damages for his injuries including things like medical expenses and lost wages.

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Sex abuse can have a lasting impact on victims, who are often hesitant to come forward, particularly if their abuser is a celebrity or otherwise well-known. Recently, a new documentary and TV interviews have discussed accusations against rap artist R. Kelly claiming that he committed outrageous sex crimes against women including minors. The police have since charged R. Kelly with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in response to seven of these allegations. If he is convicted on all counts, he could face 70 years in prison.

The singer’s history of sex abuse allegations started during the 1990s when he illegally married a 14-year-old girl. In 2002, a videotape showed R. Kelly engaging in sexual activity with a minor.  The singer denied these allegations and denied that it was him in the tape. That year, he was also charged with 21 counts of child pornography. In 2017, he was also accused of keeping a number of women captive in his home as part of a sex abuse cult. He was also accused of recording women engaging in sexual encounters without their consent to be recorded.

In 2018, a woman in Texas accused R. Kelly of sexual battery, false imprisonment, and failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease after an encounter in a hotel room in New York City. The attention surrounding R. Kelly reached new heights when TV channel Lifetime aired a three-night documentary discussing many of these allegations and featuring interviews from many of these women. A few months later, R. Kelly was featured in a TV interview where he had an outburst. He denied all allegations against him, but he was arrested later that day for failing to pay over $160,000 in child support.

Car accidents are always scary events, especially if you are injured as a result. When car accidents lead to someone’s unexpected death, however, the survivors’ lives are changed forever.

A court in Los Angeles recently approved a $25 million verdict in a lawsuit against a major car maker. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs alleged that faulty brakes in the defendant’s car caused three people to lose their lives in a car crash. The accident happened in 2012 and involved a 2004 model of the manufacturer’s vehicle. The car carrying the three deceased individuals, which included a mother and her two young children, collided with a minivan at an intersection in Hollywood. All three passengers in the minivan were killed in the impact.

At the end of the trial, the jury concluded that the car manufacturer was completely at fault for the accident and that its braking system was defective. It also concluded that the car manufacturer was reckless for not recalling vehicles that contained the braking system. Even though the jury concluded that the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident was negligent, it still concluded that the car manufacturer was entirely to blame for the victims’ deaths.

Victims of sexual abuse suffer serious psychological and sometimes physical injuries, especially when the abuse extends over a long period of time and involves multiple incidents. For some, seeking justice against their abuser is a daunting and overwhelming experience. The New York Legislature passed a new law that extends the state’s statute of limitations to provide victims of child sex abuse more time to pursue legal action against the perpetrator. The new law allows victims of sexual abuse to seek legal recourse until they are 55 years old, whereas the prior law only gave victims until the age of 23.

The new law also includes a so-called “look-back window” for adult victims of abuse that were unable to assert a legal claim under the prior law to bring their case within one year. This means that the individuals with a claim that expired under the previous statute of limitations have an opportunity to assert their claim. It is critical that these individuals speak to an experienced abuse lawyer to understand their rights and whether the new look-back window applies to their situation.

Also, when it comes to bringing legal action against a public institution in New York, plaintiffs are not required to present a notice of claim within 90 days after the alleged abuse occurred. The prior law did not require victims to submit a notice of claim to private organizations. Victims are also now able to seek misdemeanor charges against an abuser until their 25th birthday and they have until their 28th birthday to seek felony criminal charges.

There are many important procedural aspects of an Alabama car accident lawsuit which can be overwhelming for the uninitated. Throughout the proceedings, there are opportunities for each party to seek a ruling from the judge that may have a substantial impact on the outcome of the case, including motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment. Ensuring that the judge rules fairly on any motions that have the ability to end the litigation is a major step in protecting your rights. At Reeves Law Firm, we will stand by you throughout the entire process and help you to obtain the outcome that you deserve.

Recently, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals considered an appeal in a car accident lawsuit. The plaintiff alleged that she was hurt when a vehicle driven by the defendant and owned by his employer crashed into the rear of the vehicle that she was driving. She sued these defendants for negligence, wantonness, and negligent entrustment of the vehicle to the employee-driver.

The jury trial began and after the plaintiff finished presenting her side of the case, the defendant moved for judgment as a matter of law on all of the claims against them. This type of motion asks the court to conclude that the plaintiff has not met the burden of proof and that based on the evidence presented, the plaintiff cannot win. The trial court granted the defendant’s motion and dismissed the case. It concluded that the plaintiff’s evidence, including her own testimony, did not establish a link between the accident and the injuries that she sustained.

A key aspect of some tort claims involves preserving evidence. There are rules regarding how parties must go about maintaining records or locations that are important to the case. When a party destroys or alters this evidence, the other party can seek relief from the court in order to ensure that any proceeding litigation is fair to both sides.

In a recent case, an auto company purchased a commercial property that included a body shop on the premises, with auto repair, paint, and bodywork capabilities. The buyer also created a company to run the auto repair shop. A commercial property company entered into a lease with the buyer for the body shop and had a paint booth created. It hired another company to operate the paint booth equipment once it was finished. Soon thereafter, the auto shop suffered a fire that rendered it a total loss.

The buyer sued the seller, the paint booth operation company and other individuals, alleging that they acted negligently and wantonly in creating the fire that destroyed the facility. The paint booth operator alleged that the buyer decided to have the remains of the auto repair shop and equipment destroyed following the fire. It argued that this destroyed key evidence in the case regarding the allegations from the buyer that it was responsible for the fire and that it should have been given notice that the demolition was imminent so that it could have inspected the premises with experts to help build its defense. The paint booth company moved for summary judgment on these grounds.

Knowing which parties to include in a lawsuit and ensuring that you have alleged the right causes of action against each party can be difficult, especially if you recently experienced a car accident resulting in Alabama personal injuries for the first time. At The Reeves Law Firm, we have handled numerous car accidents on behalf of Decatur and Huntsville residents and have the experience it takes to ensure that your lawsuit is approached carefully and thoroughly.

A recent case discusses a situation where a party sought leave to amend its complaint to add a different defendant.  In that case, a woman suffered injuries in a car accident.  She had an insurance policy that included underinsured-motorist (UIM) benefits. The woman notified her insurer that she and other driver’s insurer had settled her claim against that driver for the driver’s policy limits of $25,000. The woman’s own insurer did not consent to the settlement and paid the woman $25,000. The woman then died. Her insurer brought a claim against the other driver seeking reimbursement of the $25,000 in UIM benefits that it had paid to its own insured.

The other driver filed a motion to dismiss, or for summary judgment in the alternative, alleging that because the woman had died her personal injury claim was exhausted and that her insurer could not maintain a claim against the other driver because it sued as a subrogee of the woman. The UIM insurer disputed this claim and argued that the claim survived the woman’s passing and that it had a right of reimbursement from the other driver’s insurer, not from the other driver as an individual. The insurer sought leave to amend its complaint to add the other driver’s insurer as a defendant, which the trial court did not rule on.

Two Alabama residents were featured in New York Times article “They’re Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand Penalties: Walmart and other companies are using aggressive legal tactics to get the money back, demanding payments even when people haven’t been convicted of wrongdoing.”

MOBILE, Ala. — Crystal Thompson was at home watching the Rose Bowl parade when a county sheriff came to arrest her for shoplifting from the local Walmart.

Ms. Thompson, 43, was baffled and scared. An agoraphobic, she had not shopped at a Walmart in more than a year. She was taken to a Mobile jail, searched, held in a small room and required to remove her false teeth, something she didn’t even do in front of her husband.

Although users of vaping products, or e-cigarettes, may believe they are safer than tobacco cigarettes, the use of vaping products carries some serious risks as well. Such risks may give rise to Alabama personal injury claims, as we have discussed in other posts.One potential cause for concern is that both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Some studies suggest nicotine could have long-term effects on children’s developing brains. Since nicotine can be addictive, it may also make children more likely to abuse other substances in the future. The amount of nicotine in vaping products depends on the product and how a person uses it.

Another risk of e-cigarette use is that it may increase the likelihood of using tobacco cigarettes. One study found that young people who used vaping products were more likely to smoke tobacco cigarettes one year later.

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