My phone rang -  it was a call from lawyers in San Diego.  

They asked me if I was familiar with Mobile, Alabama.  I replied, "what do you have?"  

"We have a wrongful death case outside of Mobile, a tractor-trailer hit this car, and we need to hire you, is this a case you are interested in?"

"Yes, sure, I am good with Mobile," I responded.   And, it's true, I am good with Mobile.  

I am also good with Huntsville, Fairhope, Nashville, Spring Hill, Birmingham and Houston. I've helped clients in those places. As the saying goes, "have briefcase, will travel."

I spent a week in trial in Los Angeles County a few years ago.  Santa Monica, right near the ocean.  Eddie Money's son was on our juror panel, but he asked to be excused because they had a concert in Texas coming up that weekend.

The case outside of Mobile -  it was a tragedy.  

The insurance was not nearly enough, the carrier tendered limits of $1,000,000 and, for what our clients' had lost, it was little recompense.

It is true in the personal injury arena, we can't undo what's been done.  We can't make the pain go away or the loss.  

The money represents holding the other side accountable -  the money is, at times, a poor substitute for what was lost.  It's a step up from the days of old:  an eye for an eye, a life for a life.  

When it comes to personal injury cases -  I've represented clients inside and outside of Alabama.  

I tell people, "I hope you never need to hire me because it meant something terrible has happened, but I am here and ready to go to work if you do ever need me."