Health Risks Remain in Vaping Products

Although users of vaping products, or e-cigarettes, may believe they are safer than tobacco cigarettes, the use of vaping products carries some serious risks as well. Such risks may give rise to Alabama personal injury claims, as we have discussed in other posts.One potential cause for concern is that both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Some studies suggest nicotine could have long-term effects on children’s developing brains. Since nicotine can be addictive, it may also make children more likely to abuse other substances in the future. The amount of nicotine in vaping products depends on the product and how a person uses it.

Another risk of e-cigarette use is that it may increase the likelihood of using tobacco cigarettes. One study found that young people who used vaping products were more likely to smoke tobacco cigarettes one year later.

Other studies have exposed other potential risks as well.  One of the more dangerous risks of using electronic cigarettes is the risk of explosion and fire.  A study published by the U.S. Fire Administration reviewed 195 reports of fires and explosions related to e-cigarette or vape pens.   The key points of the study are listed below: 

After this study was published, a death was reported related to the use of a vape pen that exploded.

One study found that teen e-cigarette users are exposed to more harmful chemicals that are linked to nervous-system damage and cancer. Another study found e-cigarette users inhale large amounts of toxic metals that leak from the coils in e-cigarettes. Some studies have found that teen e-cigarette users have higher rates of asthma. An associate professor of oncology explains that some of the main chemicals in e-cigarettes are less toxic than those in tobacco cigarettes, but if the temperature gets too high, e-cigarettes can generate very dangerous compounds. In addition, since vaping products have not been on the market for very long, there is no evidence of their long-term risks.

Teens Not Deterred by Dangers of Vaping

Although rates of cigarette smoking among teens have declined over the past few decades, the use of e-cigarettes, or vaping products, among teens has increased. Studies conducted among teens have demonstrated that many do not know the dangers of vaping products.

Almost 30% of high school seniors said they had used e-cigarettes in 2017. And although those under 18 cannot purchase e-cigarettes, almost 10% of 8th graders and 14% of 10th graders reported they had used e-cigarettes. One 18-year-old said in an interview that he started vaping when he was 17 and now takes about 20 hits an hour. He said that at first, he just liked blowing the vapor out of his mouth and “doing tricks.” He said he thought “that smoking in general could be a lot worse for you than just vaping.” One of the most popular vaping products among teens is called JUUL. It is a small system about the size of a flash drive but contains about the same amount of nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes. One researcher says it is worrisome because it looks like a high-tech device and is small, such that it can be hidden in one’s hand.

Researchers have found that one of the reasons young people are attracted to vaping is because they believe it is less risky than smoking cigarettes. One researcher explains that e-cigarettes are marketed to make people believe they are less dangerous. Many believe that it is just vapor. In addition, young people are not warned about e-cigarettes in the same way they are warned about tobacco cigarettes.

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