Ford Motor Company is recalling nearly 1.4 million cars in North America because the steering wheel can detach from the steering column as drivers are on the road and could easily lose control. The flaw has already been linked to two accidents and one injury, with more injuries expected.

Drivers have revealed harrowing stories for months to NHTSA about the steering wheels that became inoperative on the highway.

“While driving on (the) interstate, steering wheel came loose and car veered off interstate. I regained control but steering wheel is still loose. Repairs will cost beyond my means at this moment,” a driver in Harriman, Tenn., reported Tuesday.

A Lake Island, Ill., driver, in a statement to NHTSA in November, wrote, ““While driving approximately 55 (miles per hour), the steering wheel turned 360 degrees independently without warning. In addition, the steering wheel detached from the vehicle.”

The Ford recall covers models of Ford Fusion and Focus built in Michigan or Mexico from 2013-2018. It also applies to every version of the Lincoln MKZ.

  • Affected models include:
    Fusion S/SE
    Fusion Platinum
    Hybrid S/SE
    Energi SE/Titanium
    Lincoln MKZ Premier
    Lincoln MKZ Platinum

Source:   USA Today