Belviq Weight Loss Drug Comes with Increased Cancer Risk

On February 13, 2020, the manufacturer of the prescription weight loss drug Belviq® and Belviq XR® (“Belviq”) pulled the drugs from the market after being urged to do so by the FDA.

These drugs are sometimes called lorcaserin.  

The FDA’s withdrawal request advised patients to immediately stop taking the drug and dispose of the pills.Pills-300x200

In 2015 alone, over 600,000 prescriptions were filled for the drug.

The drug has been on the market since 2012.

According to a recent study, a 5-year trial found people taking Belviq were more likely to develop certain types of cancer including:

Pancreatic Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Lung Cancer

The following is a direct quote from the FDA website:

What did FDA find?

When FDA approved lorcaserin in 2012, we required the drug manufacturer to conduct a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular problems, which found that more patients taking lorcaserin (n=462; 7.7 percent) were diagnosed with cancer compared to those taking a placebo, which is an inactive treatment (n=423; 7.1 percent). The trial was conducted in 12,000 patients over 5 years. A range of cancer types was reported, with several different types of cancers occurring more frequently in the lorcaserin group, including pancreatic, colorectal, and

And, see also, a direct quote from Belviq’s website:

Following its review of the data, FDA concluded that the potential risks of lorcaserin outweigh its benefits. More specifically FDA noted there was a numerical imbalance in the number of patients with malignancies. FDA’s analysis of the study found that during the course of the trial, 462 (7.7 percent) patients treated with lorcaserin were diagnosed with cancers compared to the placebo group, in which 423 (7.1 percent) patients were diagnosed with cancers.

We are actively investigating claims against the drug’s manufacturer for people who developed cancer as a result of taking the drug.

If you or someone you know took Belviq and developed cancer, please have them reach out to attorney Greg Reeves to discuss their legal options.

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