Last month, one man was killed and several others injured in an Alabama bus accident that occurred near the Alabama-Florida border. According to a local news report, the bus was transporting dozens of students and adult chaperones back to Texas after a trip to Disney World.Evidently, the accident occurred at around 5:30 in the morning, when the bus left the roadway and crossed into the grassy median. As the bus entered the median, the driver lost control of the vehicle. The median abruptly ended into a steep embankment, and the bus plunged down into a 50-foot ravine, where it was crushed on impact.

The driver of the bus was killed in the accident, and dozens of students and chaperones were stuck inside the bus for hours until emergency responders could free them. In all, more than two dozen were hospitalized as a result of the injuries they sustained in the accident. Authorities began an investigation into the bus accident but have not yet determined what caused the driver of the bus to veer off into the grassy median.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that the company that owned the bus has been involved in four other bus accidents in the past, one involving fatal injuries. However, the driver of the bus involved in the most recent crash had not been involved in any prior accidents while employed by the company.

Recovering Compensation After an Alabama Bus Accident

When someone is injured in a bus accident, there may be several parties that can be held responsible under various theories of liability. The most obvious defendant in an Alabama bus accident case is the driver of the bus or another motorist who was responsible for causing the accident. However, it may be a mistake to assume liability stops there. In many bus accidents, the company that owns the bus may also be held liable for a driver’s negligence.

The doctrine of vicarious liability allows for an accident victim to hold an employer liable for the negligent actions of an employee if the employee is acting within the scope of his employment at the time of the accident. In some situations involving drunk or aggressive driving, employers may attempt to evade liability by claiming that the allegedly negligent employee was not acting within the scope of their employment. Anyone injured in a bus accident should reach out to a dedicated personal injury attorney to discuss their case.

Have You Been Involved in an Alabama Bus Accident?

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